"Acalanto da Rosa" and "Ouve o Silencio" by Claudio Santoro.

Two beautiful performances of modern classical (Brazilian) by Olga Senderskaya(Soprano) and @Maria Nikitin (Piano).

Acalanto da Rosa"  https://gyro.to/AcalantodaRosa

 "Ouve o Silêncio" available from December 16th at the following link: https://gyro.to/OuveoSilncio


"Melody for Love" is a fantastic performance by Olga Senderskaya (soprano) and "Maria Nikitin" (piano).A modern classic contemporary tune, with accents of fabulous advanced jazz harmony.Music and lyrics by Lenny Sendersky, available from December 2nd 2022 at the following link: https://gyro.to/MelodyForLove

A new classical music EP with performances by Olga Senderskaya (soprano) and Maria Nikitin (piano) The EP contains five tunes taken by Robert Schumann, Richard Strauss, Edvard Grieg, Claude Debussy and Fernando Obradors. Beautiful interpretations with a soft performance and full of soul, like the op.27 "Morgen" (Tomorrow) Richard Strauss, that although it was composed around 1894, its mood seems immortal because it is recognizable in today's life, a beautiful classical opera that reflects the current situation that the world is experiencing today and the hope for a better tomorrow (Morgen). Available from 18 March 2022 at the following link: https://gyro.to/SpringSerenade






Olga Senderskaya, soprano
Bella Steinbuck, piano
Lenny Sendersky, soprano saxophone
MSR Classics MS1647 53:24